Connecting the Dots Foundation is a human capital development organization. We are dedicated to transforming the society through lives of today’s youths with the uttermost recognition of the millennial age through the use of knowledge, skills and training together with empathy and understanding in transforming how young people think, feel and behave.


Become the FOREMOST easy meet up link for youngsters, offering the needed guidance to trail through in achieving their Desired Goal towards Global Change.


Project MILE

In the next decade, 1 billion young people will enter the labour market and approximately only 400 million of them will have jobs. (World Bank). This wide variation will be as a result of the quality of those who seek to be employed. This is what the PROJECT M I L E seeks to address.

DOT Learning Point

The DOT learning point is a learning hub that equip youngsters with relevant digital, soft and hard skills that enable youngsters  adjust to the challenges they will encounter in their adult life as well as the demands of work in the labour market. Mastering these skills can help them learn, live and work better.


DOTS Talk Time

Dot Talk Time is a time set apart for teenagers and youths to come together to talk about different issues surrounding and affecting them. Varying from education, career , relationship, etc.

Enhancement Hubs

A conglomeration of business minded teenagers and youths who are into small scale businesses or intending to; come together to strengthen each other businesses… We also have volunteers’ hub, readers’ hub & writers’ hub.

Monthly Online Webinars

Our monthly online webinars educate, transform and challenge youngsters about daily issues they face through high quality visual contents from facilitators who are expertise in their various fields.


Dynamic Outstanding Thought leaders’ (DOTS) Hang out happens once in a year, and it is usually in the month of December. We meet in a physical space away from the online platform.


TEENS WITH A DIFFERENCE now Connecting The Dots Foundation is celebrating her third year.