In the next decade, 1 billion young people will enter the labour market and approximately only 400 million of them will have jobs. (World Bank). This wide variation will be as a result of the  quality of those who seek to be employed.

This is what the PROJECT M I L E seeks to address. It is a virtual learning session  hinged on 5 themes:

Mentorship, Innovation, Leadership  and  Entrepreneurship

It seeks to provide Mentorship for youngsters by connecting them to various mentors on their specific interests in guiding them through the process, driving the Innovative mentality from their interests and abilities, imbibe the culture of Leadership and train them on having entrepreneurial skills.
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DOT Learning Point

Soft skills are growing in importance in this digitalized age as well as hard skills.

The DOT learning point is a learning hub that equip youngsters with relevant digital, soft and hard skills that enable youngsters  adjust to the challenges they will encounter in their adult life  as well as the demands of work in the labour market. Mastering these skills can help them learn, live and work better.

We partner with other organizations with expertise in various field in achieving this.