Dot Talk Time is a time set apart for teenagers and youths to come together to talk about different issues surrounding and affecting them. Varying from education, career , relationship…  A teenager or youth is chosen to handle the talk time, and this enhances confidence and allows for an increasing pace of knowledge.

Enhancement Hubs

Each of our hubs was designed in a way to increase  your knowledge of interest and also allows you to hone your skills.

Business Hub

A hub of business-minded teenagers and youths coming together to strengthen one another through various business seminars, talk show and vocational trainings by experts.

Readers’ Hub

These are a group of teenagers and youths coming together to help inculcate reading habit in themselves. Their aim is to build themselves to become avid readers and better leaders.

Volunteers’ Hubs

These are youths and teenagers who give back to the society by yielding themselves to humanitarian service. They work towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS).

Writers’ Hub

This is an association of teenagers and young adults coming together to build a community of prolific writers. Regular activities include writing competition,  trainings and seminars


Our monthly online webinars educate, transform and challenge youngsters about daily issues they face through high quality visual contents from facilitators who are expertise in their various fields. It also gives opportunity to youngsters to ask questions they are bothered about.

DOTS Hangout

Dynamic Outstanding Thought leaders’ (DOTS) Hang out happens once in a year, and it is usually in the month of December. We meet in a physical space away from the online platform. We meet and network with members offline; have fun, learn and prepare for the new year.